Teaching Philosophy

Working to a curriculum that I have developed in line with EPTA’s Guiding Principles, I cater for all levels and ages of piano player from the absolute beginner to more advanced students.

With a flexible, holistic and engaging approach to teaching, I understand that each student is an individual, and even though the final result may be the same, there are many different routes to achieving that same goal.

I will be happy to listen to your personal aims and will devise tailor made, individual lesson plans that are achievable over a realistic time frame, suggesting appropriate repertoire that is relevant to your requirements.

Approach And Teaching Environment

Early/Younger Years/Absolute Beginners

I believe that the most important part of teaching piano is that learning must be fun. The quickest and easiest way for a child to learn is through play, and I have devised a number of interactive games for younger children to learn within my home studio. Initial lessons are generally quite hands on with improvisation, memory pieces, as well as composition from the outset.

Using modern and up to date teaching methods such as Piano Safari, I see a much quicker result in children learning how to read notation, listen to and communicate music effectively; thus creating well rounded musicians from the very beginning, as they learn the theory as well as the creative musical process.

What is the role of the parent in piano lessons?

I run an open door policy for all of my students. This means that at any time the parent is free to sit in on the full lesson, part of the lesson or sit outside in comfort in the hall.

What I do require from parents is that they encourage their child to read their homework diary and implement specific practice timings agreed in my terms and conditions for the child to do their work.

Learning how to play any instrument, just like being a successful sports person or to be successful in business requires focus and dedication to the practice, learning how to play the piano is no different.  The brain is learning a new skill and to improve away from lessons requires consistent and constructive practice. I will devise a practice plan for your child, but I expect and require your support to implement this at home!